APDTY 119128 Vapor Emissions Charcoal Canister Fits Select 00-04 Toyota Models

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Brand New Evaporative Emissions Charcoal Canister
Allows Replacement of the Original Vapor Canister
Fits 2000-2004 Toyota Avalon (V6 3.0L; 2995cc)
Fits 2003-2003 Toyota Camry (L4 144 2.4L; 2357cc; Without California Emissions)
Fits 2003-2003 Toyota Camry (L4 2.4L; 2362cc; Without California Emissions)
Fits 2001-2003 Toyota Camry (V6 3.0L; 2995cc)
Fits 2002-2002 Toyota Camry (L4 144 2.4L; 2357cc)
Fits 2002-2002 Toyota Solara (L4 2.4L; 2362cc)
Fits 2000-2002 Toyota Solara (V6 3.0L; 2995cc)
Fits 2000-2001 Toyota Camry (L4 2.2L; 2164cc; Built in U.S.A.)
Fits 2000-2001 Toyota Solara (L4 2.2L; 2164cc)
Fits 2000-2000 Toyota Camry (V6 3.0L; 2995cc; Built in U.S.A.)
Replaces 7774006100, 7774006101, 7774006102, 7774006111, 7774006170, 7774033130
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