What are Hollander Part Numbers?!

People often ask why their new part has a “Hollander” part number on it. Is Hollander a brand? What exactly is a Hollander part?!

Hollander is nothing more than a universal part numbering system. Hollander is a company which was originally created in the 1930’s to help the salvage yard industry organize their parts into a universal and interchangeable part numbering system. You can read their interesting company history here: Hollander Interchange Company History. Their numbering system has recently taken off for more than just the salvage industry. Many internet auto-parts companies, such as APDTY and brands like Dorman, are using this flexible system as a way of identifying what vehicles their parts fit. You can often do an internet search for a single Hollander part number and find multiple companies and brands that have the part you are looking for. So next time you are wondering what that strange-looking Hollander part number is, just thank Mr. Hollander for helping to ensure that the part you have is the correct one for your car.

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