2000 Silverado AC Condenser & Radiator, Receiver Dryer, and Orifice Tube

This vehicle had enough debris between the AC condenser and radiator that it prevented the airflow needed to remove the heat from both the condenser and radiator. This actually causes both systems to run hotter and under more stress than normal. We can tell by measuring the system pressures that the AC condenser had a problem, either a clog internal or external. We proceeded to inspect the condenser by removing it as this vehicle has zero clearance for visual inspection without removal. Once removed we found the debris. We cleaned the debris out of the radiator and gave the customer the option to clean or replace the condenser since the condenser was already removed and since it is 17 years old, and they decided to replace it. This fixed the heat exchange problem and the system ran much better and was able to take a full charge of refrigerant. The vehicle ran for a while and got nice and cold and we watched it go through several cycles, this is when the compressor shut off again as the high pressure blow out or cut-out switch had an intermittent electrical failure internally which we verified by checking voltage and outputs demanded by the control head. This compressor unfortunately requires removal to replace that blow out switch. Since the vehicle has 190,000 miles and is 17 years old, we gave the option of switch only or compressor with a new switch. The customer decided and we installed a brand new ACDelco compressor with a new switch and all problems were solved.

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