1999-2005 Ford F-150 Side View Mirror Replacement Instructions

We finally had a Ford F150 come into our shop for a side mirror replacement and we are posting step by step instructions here. We have had many requests for this and we are also going to have a video posted soon on our YouTube channel. The instructions for this are very similar to all Ford truck models and please feel free to pass this on to friends in need. You can easily replace your entire side view mirror in under 30 minutes and avoid paying a high labor charge. Also, there is no need to try and remove the glass part of the mirror only as this usually leads to breakage.


Tools Needed:

  • Flat-head & Phillips head screwdrivers
  • metric ratchet & socket set (10mm is needed for the majority of these trucks)

Step 1:

  • Verify & purchase the correct mirror. There can be several different mirrors available to fit the same truck. For instance, some mirrors are manual (non-powered), some power with heat, power without heat, power with turn signal, power with puddle light, etc, etc. It is very important to match all of the options exactly in order to get the correct mirror.
  • Remove the door panel with the instructions below and get to the plug for the mirror. The plug will have pins in it. If you have 3 pins only, then you have a standard power, non-heated mirror. If you have 5 pins, then you have a power mirror with heat. If you have more then 5 pins, then you have extra options such as a turn signal and/or puddle light. A puddle light is a small light on the very bottom of the mirror housing. You almost have to lay flat on the ground and look directly up to notice if you have one. Make sure to check this before buying the wrong mirror. You can also call us and we can help you verify the correct mirror (321) 777-2771.

Step 2: Remove The Door Panel

  • First, remove the door pillar trim piece. This is the piece that covers the skinny piece of metal between the window glass and door frame, it runs up and down. Simply push in on the side to see and release the little clips that hold it to the door frame. It sometimes takes a little soft force to pop these clips out. See the picture below:
  • Next, remove the door handle trim(not the entire door handle, just the trim), this may have one Phillips head screw or may just be a clip in type. Look closely by slightly prying up and around the door handle for the clip and you can usually see a slot to slide it out of.
  • Next, remove the window switches, this can be done very easily. Take a small flathead screwdriver and push in on the back center of the switch trim piece. There is a small plastic clip that releases and then you can lift the back of the entire switch up and then slide it out of the door. The electrical connectors can be removed simply by pushing the quick-disconnect tabs on each plug. You could also leave it connected and fish it through the hole in the door panel late but it is a little bit difficult. If you have manual windows, then remove the hand crank. There is a plastic cover that simply lifts up and then you can see a screw that must be removed. These screws are occasionally a Torx style bit or Phillips head.
  • Next, remove the screws holding the door panel in place, see picture below:
  • NOTE: There may also be 2 screws at the very base of the door panel, look closely and remove if they exist.
  • Once all of the screws are removed, simply lift up and out on the entire door panel and it should come right off. It is basically sitting in place with a bunch of plastic l brackets that fit into little holes. Lifting the door panel aligns the l brackets with the holes so you can lift up and the out and the door panel will come right off. Do not pull hard or directly straight outward as you could possibly damage the door panel. NOTE: There may also be a small lightbulb attached to the door panel, if this is the case, simply twist the socket and pull it out of the door panel. You will not be able to see this until you remove the panel from the door.

Step 3, Remove & Replace the mirror assembly:

  • You have just done the hardest part of this job, now you simply unbolt and unplug the mirror and install the new replacement. Here is a couple of tips and a picture:
  • Look at the inside of the door panel, directly whee the mirror is attached. You may see a foam piece of insulation or a piece of insulating tape, remove whichever you have to see and access the 3 nuts that hold the mirror in place, see the picture.
  • Next, locate and unplug the electrical connector if you have a power mirror.
  • Now you can remove the 3 nuts and the mirror, be sure to have a helper hold the mirror from the outside so it does not fall down onto the door and scratch it. Also, be careful with the small nuts as it is possible to drop them down into the door panel. If this happens, you can usually get to them with a magnet. You want to remove them so they do not get caught in anything important like the window track, then you may be doing a window regulator replacement as well. Once you get the mirror off, you simply reverse the removal process.

Congratulations!!! You have just saved yourself some good cash as a shop can charge $80-$150 to do this for you. We will be posting a video of this job very soon. If you have technical questions, please call us at 321-777-2771. We also sell a full line of auto parts including mirrors at our website. Please check it out and pass these instructions on to whoever may need them. Thanks

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